The management information system

Management information system for business owners. I am personally excited that we are moving forward and coming to know one another better tool to add value to your retail business.

Introducing zOrderMIS (web-based Management Information System).

zOrderMIS is an integrated web app that facilitates you to get your reports on mobile or any other device.

The application is designed to help entrepreneurs like you make it possible to get live reports from your ERP software from any device you are carrying on the go.

For example:-

If you want to know the live sales and stock status of your store such as Sale by mode of payment, Sale Comparison from last day, Category wise sale, Department wise sale or Branch wise sale report, etc. This Management information system application generates a beautiful Dashboard to present the analytical data from the original source and contains various graphs such as Sales trends, Sales Progress, etc.

With the help of zOrderMIS (Management Information System), you can get any information from anywhere in the world from your mobile or any other device. It is for your convenience in this way you find the information you need in any corner of the globe. This is direct live data one of the most desirable options for our entire customer.

Apart from the integrated dashboard, you can also get the reports (either dynamic or fixed) that are created in zOrder Enterprise applications, directly on your mobile device. This would certainly become the source for your quick decision-making for the betterment of your business as it is purely dependent upon live data. All the information you need from various modules such as Retail Sales, Purchase, Wholesale, etc can be found by just sitting through it.

So we at zOrder presume that such a good tool which is most important to all our customers must be used by all of our clients. I hereby encourage to you use this tool and get live with your data now.

To access your reports just log on to with your registered email id and password. In case you don’t yet register, kindly let me know, I’ll be more than happy to guide you through the registration process.

zOrderMIS Prerequisites:

Internet connection with at least 8 Mbps speed.
Static IP or DNS2GO pointed to the server.
We hope you would leverage the power of the internet and get the full analysis out of your business using this service. We look forward to your feedback and response. We are happy to answer any further require questions you may have, call us at 011-42725278, 49059559, our CARE team would be happy to help you.

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